Visual Recognition and Search

EECS 6890 Topics in Information Processing (3 Credits)

Instructors: Rogerio Feris, Liangliang Cao, and Jun Wang

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Presentation topics have been assigned to each group. Check the important deadlines.


Students will be divided in groups and will have to prepare one or two presentations from a list of topics provided by the instructors.

Each presentation topic will cover several papers (see the list of topics). The presentation should be coherent, with an introduction, development, and conclusion. It should explain technical details, and synthesize any underlying commonalities or highlight interesting distinctions among the papers. Each student in the team will have 25 minutes to present (20min presentation + 5min questions). So, if a group is composed of two students, the total time will be 50min. Time will be strictly enforced. Every student in class should read the papers before each class.


Student presentations will be graded based on clarity, organization, knowledge, and whether the presentation meets the time constraints. We will also evaluate your ability to keep the class awake and interested on the topic. See How to give a talk (that doesn't put your audience to sleep). The slides need to be sent to all instructors via email one day before the presentation.