Visual Recognition and Search

EECS 6890 Topics in Information Processing (3 Credits)

Instructors: Rogerio Feris, Liangliang Cao, and Jun Wang

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  • 04/10 - Check the guidelines for the Project Paper and the Final Project Presentation.
  • 03/20 - Information about the second and third paper reviews has been posted.
  • 03/12 - Details about deadlines and required content for the two project update presentations have been posted.
  • 02/15 - The schedule has been shifted due to the cancelled class/winter storm. Check the updated deadlines!
  • 02/08 - Presentation assignments and important deadlines for projects, presentations, and paper reviews have been posted.
  • 02/07 - Details about the project proposal presentation have been posted.
  • 01/28 - Please form groups of two students and send us via email (one email per group): 1) the name of the members in the group and 2) three preferred presentation topics as soon as possible (no later than Feb 06). Each group will have to prepare presentations in class and work together in a project. Let us know if you cannot find a partner.
  • 01/28 - List of paper presentation topics and information about length of presentations have been posted (check the presentations page)
  • 01/23 - Please submit the student info form (Homework #0). Check important dates for the submission deadline.